Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

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The Great One Doesn't Change

There is a lyric in a song that says that everything must change and nothing stays the same.  It even goes on to postulate that nothing and no one goes unchanged.  For the ones who live life bound by the limitations of the finite thinking of mankind, this can be a rather perplexing and depressing state of affairs since familiarity and security are hallmarks of the “someone to count on” need of many people.  Fortunately, there is one who is immutable, who does not change, and can be counted on for faithfulness, compassion, teaching, encouragement, and deliverance.  He is the one who placed the sun over the day and the moon over the night.  He is the one who loved each of us so much that He gave His Son our souls to save.   He is the Lord God    Almighty and we are His children.