Hebron Fellowship Baptist Church

A People of Purpose, Prayer, and Praise!

Greatness In Greatness Out

A life of service or ministry can be described in many ways.   It is filled with obstacles like a hurdler faces.  It can require great bursts of energy or effort for short periods of time like a sprinter. It will need strategy that bests suits your strengths like a middle distance or long distance runner.  It has to have a consistency like a marathoner has.  It may call for feats of strength like a weightlifter or acts of daring do like a gymnast or diver.  All in all, a life of service or ministry does not have an automatic form for it to follow; it just requires a commitment that will be rewarded based upon what you were willing to put into it.  So, I guess that means a life of service is like a computer program:  Garbage in/garbage out, or better yet, GREATNESS IN/GREATNESS OUT!  You choose!